Bring Back Grady Greenspace

Miss the hit '90s kids show? You're not alone...

Who is Grady Greenspace?

The Adventures of Grady Greenspace was a childrens TV program back in the 1990's about a rodent that lived in a swamp with some other animals such as a mole and a bat. The stories generally involved Grady solving crimes against the environment such as littering, etc, and this was usually hampered by the bad guys, a group of rats.

So whats with BBGG?

Before I started this site, on the whole of the World Wide Web this is the only information that I could find about GG:

"The Adventures of Grady Greenspace is a childrens TV programme created by Central Independent Television in 1995 about environmentally aware creatures and their adventures."

Although the above is cited as being from Wikipedia© youll also find the same paragraph at BFI© and©, all found from Googling© Grady Greenspace, and thats it! No more info, no pictures, no movie clips on YouTube©, no nothing!
(Although, I have now updated Wikipedia© from my research)

Myself and others of a similar age remember the program with great fondness and would love to see some pictures or movie clips of it but they just dont exist on the net so Ive put together this site in the hope of finding some people with some old videos or pictures of it that they can share with the world

How can I help?

If you own a video cassette of a GG episode why not connect your VCR to your PC and record it into an AVI file? You could even scan the video cover and save it as a JPG!

Even if you dont own any GG videos you could even have a crack at drawing him if:
(a)You can draw quite well and
(b)You remember what he looks like

You may have managed to track down some info on the net that we have missed or you may just be able to remember the details of a particular episode, anything would be helpful!

How do I contribute to the site?

If you think you can help in some way then head on over to the Contribute page and submit what you got! (Please note, all submissions will be reviewed before being added to the site so please dont bother uploading anything other than GG related stuff)

So wheres the GG stuff?

Once reviewed submissions are added to the Submissions page, why not head over there now and see what we got!