Bring Back Grady Greenspace

Below are the memories, images and videos people have of The Adventures of Grady Greenspace:

Submitted by catherine
I dont know if anyone has shared this or how many have seen it but look! look! someone captured their copy of the english intro!! yay.

the tune is exactly how I remember it too eeeee!
Submitted by Joe
I know of a website that has some pictures from the series. although i cant say which episode or episodes, they are from.

I also know of a youtube channel that has a few episodes. They are in french and the quality isnt fantastic. But still full episodes from the series.
Submitted by Laura
I am so glad to have finally found the name of this show! Ive been chasing this half memory of rat puppets in a swamp for years and every search I tried yielded no results.

I finally stumbled upon a thread where someone correctly IDed the show and the instant I saw the picture of Grady I knew it was the show Id been looking for.

So great to find so many like-minded people who share such similar experiences and memories of the show. I told my brother all about it (he doesnt remember the show) and how we all had pretty much the same half memories and no recollection of the name of the show etc. and he said we were like a bunch of UFO abductees - a small group of people with weird shared memories who confuse other people when we talk about them :P

Its just so sad to learn that the English versions exist nowhere though! Even the theme tune can be found, which is such a shame!

I was just reading through all the comments here - whatever happened to Edward who had 6 episodes on tape? Did anyone ever hear anything back from him? Those episodes of his are like gold, and it would be amazing if they could be shared with the world.

Thanks for keeping the memory of this show alive, everyone! And greetings from South Africa
Submitted by David McCormick
I remember as a young child getting up (In the morning I think) and watching this. I dont remember much except Grady, the two rats and the Owls. Never knew as a kid it was about being environmentally aware.

Id love to see this again and hear the English intro to remember what it sounded like. Programmes like this shouldnt disappear.
Submitted by Helen
I contacted itv and they said they do put things on disc although it is not cheap, if anyone would like the information I was supplied:
Submitted by Helen
All I can recall of the theme is:

The valley is the place, and Gradys on the case. With Bulgy and Radar....

Then later:

Sometimes it seems you just can win you try but everywhere you look their closing in
Submitted by Wendy
Unfortunately I dont remember much, I have a feeling I saw only a couple of episodes, but because I was so taken in by it, it stuck.
I think I may have started watching it around the time it was taken off air, which doesnt help lol, so I may have only gotten to see one of the last episodes. But I digress...
I destinctly remember an old animal, a female rat I believe, living in a washing machine. A horrible looking black rat, the white rats sister. And I recall the white rat being in a relationship with a smaller rat... though reading through wiki I find he was actually a door mouse! lol It sounds odd, but I recall a destinct story structure, where the black rat was trying to split the love interest apart and I believe there was a song in there somewhere... Ive been carrying this around with me for years and I cant tell you how good it feels that I now know I didnt just make it up! :)
Submitted by Catherine
I remember only a few bits of the intro lyrics.

I cant remember when they came in but i remember

"her brothers just a rat"
something something alarming.

till scuzzy caught, the valleys hot?.

I recall "everywhere you look we
e closing in" mentioned in the chorus.

Some lyrics I could be far off on but thats what I remember, I remember the tune, shame I cant get it through that way.
Submitted by Bubu
Submitted by Lilchef
Wow, thats a great find Christa, thanks!
Submitted by Christa
Their actual names are so much better. Whats wrong with Chloro (phylle) and Anthracite? I watched it in a different language (not French), but they still kept their actual names.
I noticed some stuff on you tube:

I looooved this show...I miss it! :(...
Submitted by Eon
Im another fan of this series and I had some trouble trying to find out the name! Thank you for this website! I wish there was more that could be done to get this :S
Submitted by Emily
Just wanted to say thank you! It turns out Im not the only person who ever watched this show. It was my favourite show as a kid but no one I know has heard of it.
Submitted by kieran hyre
Can I have a full episodes
of Grady Greenspace
on Youtube please
Submitted by Dan
WOW, somebody else who loved this show..its took me months to find out the name!

Ive just found a clip of the show...

Watch it from 35 seconds, its a CITV advert compilation...its the only video footage I can find!

Submitted by kieran hyre
I love the Grady Greenspace character, I hate Scuzzy.
I also love the owls in the tower.
Submitted by Lilchef
Ive just found another site with more pictures (the one to the right is Radar)!

Its a french site but here is the Google-translated version

Submitted by Lilchef
I've just noticed that someone has added some GG content to YouTube. Its just a slideshow with no sound but it'll help to raise awareness :)

Submitted by Lianne
OMG I have been talking about this show for years and no-one knew what I was talking about like the council of owls or feeding worms to the mole for information or the rats. If someone cold upload video files it would be great, Id love to be able to watch Grady again, what a legend!!!
Submitted by KAY WHEATLEY
Submitted by Lilchef
@Vick: I emailed Central Independent Television (the owners of the UK rights to GG) when I started this site and have had no response :(
Submitted by VICK
this is the full song (theres a bit that others missed)i can remember it like it was yesterday The valley is the place (doop,doop) and gradys on the case (doop, doop) with bulgy and with radar (doop,doop) its up to him (da,da,da,da) to bring crooks in (da,da,da,da)sometimes you seem you just cant win, you try but everywhere you look they
are closing know its a crime to smell a rat, and skuzzy STINKS so lock him in the clink clinks..the valley is the place, and gradys on the case, so crack the case with grady greenspace!

maybe its worth writing/emailing the bbc to see if theyll consider releasing a copy of gg to put on this site/you tube for the fans? all they can do is say no & it would be so amazing if they do but not sure with copyrights etc its probably unlikely. GRADY FOR PRIME MINISTER! (HED DO A BETTER JOB OF LOOKING AFTER OUR PLANET!)
Submitted by bob
Hi nice site man thx
Submitted by Lilchef
To get a video cassette onto the internet you first need to get it on to your PC.

You can do that in one of two ways: either get a video capture card for your PC so you can connect your VCR to it (see these links:
Or you could just point a digital camcorder at the TV screen while playing the video. The quality wont be as good but thats probably the easiest option.

Once you have the vid on your PC upload it to YouTube:
(Vids on YoutTube cant be any longer than 10mins though)

Once on YouTube you will get a link to the vid, just copy and paste it here!
Submitted by Edward
I have the videos.. if someone can tell me how to post them on the internet then they are going on straight away and every1 will be watchin 6 episodes of the tv show again.. the quality and sound are spot on perfect !! its like watchin it on normal tv..
Submitted by kelly
i loved this programme soooo much! for about 5 years now ive been asking people about this programme and have been searching for evidence on the internet that this programme actually did exist! it made it harder as i couldn't actually remember the name! all i could remember were rats/ferrets? living on a dump in a washing machine and they went to the parliament of owls for advice.
Submitted by enzoid
I used to love grady greenspace, I've thought about it for years. I'm 17 now and remember the rats scaring the crap out of me when I used to watch it on citv. Wasn't there a few of the evil rats? I remember like a gray old woman rat and two or three other males, she used to sit in the washing machine in the dump. Good to see like minded people. Nothing but good memories.
Submitted by edward
"Sometimes you seem you just can't win, you try but everywhere you look they're closing in..the valley is the place come and solve the case..crack the case with grady greenspace."

rhonda rat
grady greenspace
franky fox
bolgy the frog
radar the bat
johnny bravo the eagle
silky snake
the council - owls
spike hedgehog
cling cling the prison
tessy rabbit

I know everything about this..I know for a fact I have a video with about 6 episodes bk to bk..if I do find them I will post them on here..
Submitted by Clare Cooke
I believe the Grady theme tune opened with the following:

The Valley is the place,
And Grady's on the Case,
With Bulgee and with Radar..,
Its up to him,
To bring crooks in

That's as far as I can remember for the opening!
Submitted by Lilchef
Here's an image of grady
Submitted by Lilchef
It seems it was originally a french show that was dubbed into English.
Here's a French site about it that the previous link refers to:
Submitted by Lilchef
After months of searching I've finally found another website with a little info and a few pics of the show: